Sunday, March 6, 2011

The relationship between beer and running.

One of the first things I came across when moving to Boston was the amount of social events based on running... and beer. Many bars offer group runs throughout the week open for anyone who wants to meet at the bar and head out on the run. Then, you can come back and socialize over a pitcher of your choice. Typically, there's also food involved. This is one thing I love about Boston. Little did I know, the Dana Farber team also supports one of the local bars by attending one of these "bar runs" on Thursday nights.

Angela and I decided to hit up the bar run this past week. It was 20 degrees, windy, and dark when we left. The only great story that I have to share from this run (outside of Angela and I unintentionally going to second base on the T) was when I insisted we stop out the Dunkin Donuts near Boston College so I could use the restroom. I'll keep this rated "PG" by only saying that since we were so cold and numb from running, I didn't realize that my undergarments were NOT pulled all the way after we started running again. It was only until a certain "feeling" happened that I did realize this unfortunate situation. I basically stopped on the corner of Commonwealth and Chestnut hill and redefined "picking a wedgie". Again, this took my relationship with Angela to a whole new level.

After running hundreds of miles, you eventually come to a point where you don't really care that there are cars and cars of people around you. For instance, you being to perform the following without thinking about manners:
1. snot rockets
2. wedgie picking
3. wiping you face with your shirt, thus exposing your upper body.
4. (and my personal favorite) hawking a loogie.

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