Sunday, March 6, 2011

The day I lost my Crazy Dough pizza virginity.

Today was the longest run yet. The schedule I'm following said I should be running 18-20 miles today. Typically, my long runs are on Saturday's with the Dana Farber team. Due to my late night fundraiser on Friday night (that's a WHOLE other story). I got Angela to commit to running with me today so we could enjoy our night out on Friday and actually sleep in!!! I was waiting for her to call today to leave out on the run by occupying my time with watching the rain storm roll into Boston, getting more and more unmotivated by the minute. I decide to start reading my marathon book to help with motivation. Ironically (or not) the chapter that I'm on is all about staying motivated and mentally strong during a run. Just what I needed as I was laying under my fleece blanket drinking coffee on a Sunday...

Thank goodness when I got up to brush my teeth, Angela called and said she was ready to go. I answered the phone with, "I don't wanna". She wasn't having that and said to get my butt over to her place.

After loading up my pockets with my T pass (hey, you never know), a credit card, my ID, cell phone, head phones, 2 GU's, a pack of shot bloks, and my fuel belt.... I ran the 2 miles over to her place next to Fenway. We set out on the next 17 miles with the mindset that we WERE going to finish the milage, no matter how long it took us. We made it to BC and stopped at our favorite Dunkin to refuel our water and set off on the next 9 miles of hill repeats in Newton. At this point, we were both having one of the worst runs ever, but we kept the spirit up by telling college stories, talking about our grandparents, admiring all of the cute dogs, but most frequently we talked about food. We made a decision around mile 10 about what we were going to eat when we finished. Tuscan Pizza from Crazy Dough. Before today, I was a Crazy Dough virgin. I'm sad to say that I've been seriously missing out. We HOUSED almost the entire large pie.

If you take anything away from this pointless blog, take this:

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