Sunday, February 27, 2011

The day a "short run" was 14 miles.

I never thought that I would ever be saying, "oh yeah, tomorrow is a short run. We only have to run 14." What da? This reminds me of a time when Kelly Exner could barely get me to run 1 mile on a treadmill at Victory Fitness in Columbus. Oh, the times have changed!

Yesterday's long run didn't start out too well. Actually, the day as a whole didn't start out too well.

I had to rent a zip car to get to the run since I would be driving to Sharon, Mass directly following the run to celebrate Anne and Kai's new baby, Natalie. I went to pick up the car in the garage around 7:30a. I quickly realized the car I rented wasn't there. After 5 minutes of trying to figure out why not (my coffee hadn't kicked in yet), I called Zip car. They abruptly informed me that I was in the wrong garage. Strike 1 for the day.

After I finally find the correct garage and Prius plug in car, I head to Lexington. I'm over by Harvard driving on Mem. drive and I look in my review mirror, the guy in the car behind looked like he also had a full body reflective running outfit on. I thought, "hmm, maybe he's going to the Dana Farber run too?" Then he turned his flashing lights on and pulled me over. Apparently, I didn't signal when I was changing lanes. Well, if you've ever driven in Boston, you'd know that there are rarely even lane lines. In fact, even less likely is someone using a blinker. Strike 2. (By this point I realize that I'm going to miss the group run send off and quickly call my girl crush to wait for me. Of course she says, "like I would leave without you?" I heart her.

14 miles, 1 pack of Cliff shot bloks, 1 lime flavored Gu, and a quick pit stop at Starbucks later... we're feeling good. I head out to the car and proceed to find my phone so I can get the address for the baby shower. Strike 3. My phone was not on and would not turn on. I had no idea where the shower was (other than in Sharon) and no way of getting a hold of anyone. I did eventually get some juice from the Droid (which ended up turning right back off). I somehow ended up in Foxburo at Gillette Stadium (about 45 miles from Lexington) hobbling around looking for a Verizon to buy a phone charger. NO luck. I do however know MB's cell phone number! YES! Thank goodness she answered a random number (since I had to call from the Verizon FIOS, not wireless store) and she had the address of the shower.

All in all, the day ended up being great. A fun run with my teammates during which our conversations ranged from the best ant-chafing underwear to our favorite post run drinks/food. After a relaxing afternoon on the couch, a bunch of us headed to the North End for dinner and then out by the Garden for some dancing.

The quote of the night for me was from Brett. "Steph, at what mileage do you stop dancing non-stop in the evening after a long run in the morning?"


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