Monday, March 14, 2011

What NOT to eat before a long run.

Restaurant Week in Boston is a great time to check out restaurants that you've always wanted to try. The roomies (and Jamie) went to The Blue Room. I ordered chicken and CREAM SAUCE.

.... Fast forward to mile 9 of the 15 miles that Angela and I were doing with the Dana Farber team on the Minute Man bike trail. Thank goodness we came across a Dunkin (of course).

We made it through the 15 miles just fine and then proceeded to head to Harvard to eat and then went to Marathon Sports to get new running shoes since both of ours have lost their vigor. At least that's what we are attributed my foot tendinitis and her knee pain to! After collectively trying on 6 pairs of shoes, we both walked out of their with some new kicks. Well technically we had to go over to the Boyleston store for mine because they didn't have the right color (which apparently is a total running "no-no" to request a different color) but I did it anyways.

Typically, Saturday night is my night to go out. This past Saturday was a bit different. I came home, showered, put ice packs on both knees and both feet and made some dinner. Then, instead of heading out for a few hours, I went to work. What? Yep, you read that correctly, I went to work around 8pm. I biked in and was about to go in and realized I forgot my work keys, I hopped back on my bike and retrieved them. I was excited to be there though. It was the first annual Colleges Against Cancer - Relay for Life of MIT and I had volunteered to stay over night with the students to ensure everything was going well and be there if something did happen. The excitement wore off around 12n when I scavenged for some coffee. Instant energy! Around 3:30a, I was walking the track looking for trash and realized that my 4am kickboxing class was coming up. I hobbled over to the stage and started getting the students ready to kickbox! It went well and we all needed some form of activity to get us going again. That energy took me all the way to 7am when I was finally in bed. I was supposed to get up at 9am to join my friends and roommates for the annual Ras 5k in Davis Square. This race is special as it was the first 5k in Boston that I ran and I've ran it the last 4 years. I barely could speak when they came in to wake me up.

All in all, it was a pretty tiring week of running and cross training, but the outdoor track workout on Tuesday with Jamie and the outside river run with Tim on Thursday were just what I needed!

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