Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What happens after 18 miles and 9 hours of pub crawling = ?

Of couse I thought it would be a good idea to host the 4th annual PJ and Steph's pub crawl directly following an 18 mile run. Why not? I figured it would be better to run on Saturday morning BEFORE a day of drinking than trying to get up and run without my team the Sunday AFTER. Weighing both choices, I went with the run before. I sure was glad to be able to wake up on Sunday and not have to run. Instead, I was hungover all day and watched roughly 10 episodes of Sex in the City with six of my girlfriends in our living room. That evening, I met up with Malia and Angela to watch Ohio State bball. The best part was this was Angela's first experience hanging out watching Ohio State play. She was a little caught off guard when we started our first "O-H" cheer and then some OSU guy bought a round of shots for all of the OSU fans. I mean, it was 6pm on a Sunday... Afterwards, I regretted the beer and shot, but felt better when we were outside getting some fresh air. I did feel a little pain in my left foot, so I stopped to stretch.

Fast forward 10 hours and I couldn't walk. Shit. I was freaking out. I was looking up orthopedic doctors all morning, I went to the Athletic trainer at MIT and got taped up. He said I should ice 20 minutes at a time - throughout the day. I was also instructed to up my advil intake by "a lot". The entire week was 10 times more stressful because I couldn't walk. I was biking everywhere and had felt that I may not be able to run the marathon. Sleep wasn't happening either because of pain and stress. I eventually bought out CVS of all of their ankle wraps and advil and pretty much have exhausted both of my roommates and anyone I work closely with. I feel bad about that and will be forever thanking them for putting up with my whining and turbulant behavior over the last 5 months.

By Friday I was feeling more confident, but still not certain that I would be able to run the 20 miles on Saturday coming up. ARGGGG.

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