Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl crush. (Sorry I cheated on you, Jean).

In order to keep my momentum going, I decided to head to the Thursday night Crossroads pub run this evening. Now, I've done this run before, back when we weren't getting a new snow storm every Wednesday. The first attempt went so/so. I met two other girls that ran fast. I don't run fast. That night I had to run fast because I had no clue where the route went and I was not going to get lost running hill repeats in Newton at 9pm on a Thursday night. No thank you. I emailed everyone on the Dana Farber team that I know (four people to be exact) to see if they were going to the Crossroads run tonight. No one was. The initial thoughts I had were, "I could just run tomorrow morning" or "I'm going to sack up and run this thing and find a new friend". I went with the latter and headed to Crossroads straight after work. I mean, I did just buy new running gloves and a new hat....

Of course I get there and the only people I recognized with "those girls". The girls who clearly don't do anything without each other. They even had their fundraiser together last night. "Those girls" did not want anything to do with me. Luckily, they did introduce me to "that girl" that was in the corner not talking to "those girls". Her name was Angela. To make a long story short (9 miles and a 45 minute T ride really gives you some time to get to know each other), we're basically twins. At one point she looked at me and said, "we've been talking about food for 5 miles, I knew I was going to like you!" Other than the fact that she is 4 years younger than me, we're the same person. Italian. Short. Loud. Funny (or at least try to be). Sarcastic. Love music. Know PJ Aspesi. The list goes on... I can't wait to see where this girl crush goes.

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  1. love that you have a blog to share your stories. and love you, fwiend!